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Councillor Address Telephone No Email Address
Rev. Sandra Kurtzious
Pastoral duties of President assigned
Redeemer Parish
208 Sheriff Street, Georgetown
592-218-2071 (h)
592-691-0701 (c)
Ms. Jill Sullivan
Vice President
208 Sheriff Street, Georgetown 592-618-0550 (c)
Ms. Elocia Smith
Calvary Parish 592-231-5284 (h)
592-610-4211 (c)
Mr. Michael D. Ram
St. Andrew Parish – Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara 592-220-4853 (h)
592-223-7938 (w)
592-600-5623 (c)
Rev. Amanda Singh
Advent Parish – Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice
592-232-3144 (o)
592-629-3875 (c)
Rev. Christopher Wordsworth
Good Shepherd Parish – D’Edward Village, West Bank Berbice
592-652-2004 (c )
Rev. James P. Jones
Calvary Parish – North Road, Bourda, Georgetown

678-1886 (c )
Mr. Wayne Bruce
Transfiguration Lutheran Church 612-6544 (c )
  ELCG Events

ELCG 75th Convention Bulletin - May 2018

ELCG 74th Convention Bulletin - May 2017

ELCG 73rd Convention Bulletin - May 2016

ELCG Plants Tree at Luther Gardens, Wittenberg
The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has set a goal of planting 500 trees in the park and around the town to commemorate the anniversary of the Reformation, when on 31 October 1517 Martin Luther nailed his theses on the church door in Lutherstadt, Wittenberg. Churches of all denominations from all over the world are also invited to become "godparents" to one of the trees in Wittenberg and to plant a second tree in the area of their home Church. Read more ...

OUR LUTHERAN HERITAGE:- Poem by Thamesha Watson, Youth Leader St. Andrew Parish to mark ELCG's 270th anniversary

270th Anniversary:
The year 2013 marked the 270th Anniversary Year of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guyana, having been founded on 15th October 1743. To mark this anniversary event, the Church in collaboration with the Guyana Post Office Corporation, on 6th October 2013 issued commemorative postage stamps at a National Youth Service held at St. Andrew Lutheran Church. The stamps are of $80 and $20 denominations and bear the Church’s logo of the Cross, Bible and Swan, and are on sale at Post Offices.

On Wednesday 16th October 2013, a mass Church Assembly of members and guests converged at Lutheran Courts New Amsterdam, Berbice from 9:00 am for Divine Worship service, fellowship and special presentations from member Parishes.